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About Peter England

Peter England

The Peter England brand was founded in 1890 as a traditional British shirt manufacturer, during the early years the brand became a key supplier to the British Military.

During the late 50’s and 60’s the brand’s growth was assisted by various buyout and mergers.

In the late 60’s when most shirts were manufactured from either polyester or cotton the company made a technical breakthrough when it launched shirts made of polyester combined with cotton. During this time with assistance from massive investment Peter England became the largest shirt manufacturer in Europe.

Today the brand is very different and is split between the British owners M2C2 Group, and the Indian owners The Aditya Birla Group who also service the rest of Europe, both businesses offer the Brand independently servicing different market places with alternate product ranges.

Peter England UK designs continue to remain current yet innovative. With the launch of our dedicated website in 2017 we strive the provide our full range of products including excellent shirts with fantastic customer service, you can buy from the brand owners with confidence.

Peter England